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02 Aug How to Charge The Rose Toy?
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The rose toy uses magnetic charger, it does not charge for poor contact. You have to adjust it until the light blinks, only when the light blinks, it ..
02 Aug Rose Toy Official Scam Site Notice
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Please beware of the phishing scam sites that cloned our webpages, which shows in the paid google ads. Our official domain is: rosetoyofficial.comRece..
02 Aug Rose Toy: What is the Rose Vibrator, and How do You Use It?
26 Jul How to Use The Rose Dildo?
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The rose toy with dildo has 2 buttons to control the toy.Long press the lower button for 5 seconds to turn on it.Short press the upper button to contr..
15 Sep Rose Toy with Dildo Packing
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The rose dildo package:1x rose dildo1x charging cable1x user manual..
15 Sep How to Use The Rose Toy?
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The rose toy became popular on TikTok in 2021, and the original rose toy is a sucking and vibrating based sex toy which shaped like a rose. With the g..
15 Sep How to Clean Rose Toy?
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s, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. Sex experts and dermatologists agree that sex toys can transmit STIs if they are not sanitized and cleaned properly, espe..
15 Sep The Wool Jackets Are Back
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